Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive

Evil Lurks Around the Corner

Satan Stalks Sinatra DriveAs the last wish of a dying patient, Dr. Josh Harrington reluctantly accepts the deed for an abandoned adobe house and the large parcel of land upon which it sits, just off prestigious Frank Sinatra Drive, several miles east of Palm Springs, California. Josh soon learns that the property is coveted by many, including the flamboyant madam of the valley’s most notorious whorehouse; an unscrupulous contractor and his female cohort, who attempts to seduce the doctor into selling; and an internationally famous entrepreneur who is victimized in a horrendous – and suspicious – freeway collision that claims the lives of the chauffeur as well as a woman engaging the tycoon in a lewd act.


One person in this menacing menagerie knows the secret of the skeletal remains Josh discovers in the subflooring of the house. The conspiratorial rivalry that transpires includes the apparently ritualistic hanging of a developer in his own home. Maggie, while a guest at a memorial gathering of the murdered contractor, discovers a witch’s coven prepared to become the scene of a human sacrifice involving her own husband, Dr. Josh Harrington.

Unabated greed, sexual exploitation, and murder are the ingredients of this fast-paced and surprising mystery. The truth is exposed by the unrelenting efforts of homicide detective Sergeant Mannheim and his sidekick Detective Todd, aided by the always-perceptive Dr. Harrington and his clever wife, Maggie.

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