Take 2 Tabs Then Die!

RX—A Prescription for Death

Take 2 Tabs Then Die!Magna Pharmex, an international pharmaceutical giant, launches an anti-arthritis drug with the promise of unprecedented pain relief. Dr. Josh Harrington conducts clinical trials of the new drug, Dolorean β, and discovers disturbing side effects – even death – resulting from its administration. The drug company ignores his findings, and Josh and Maggie suspect a cover-up. A high-powered temptress attempts – in only ways a temptress can – to influence Dr. Harrington to alter his clinical summations. Three murders, each with a probable relationship to the drug, occur and harrowing attempts are made on the lives of Dr. Harrington and his nurse/wife, Maggie.

The charismatic Dr. Basil R. Stuckley who is also conducting clinical trials on Dolorean β, shares office space with Dr. Harrington. Stuckley’s results, however, differ widely from Dr. Harrington’s. Stuckley’s unwavering allegiance to the company, however, offers him no immunity to his own gruesome murder.

In view of today’s drug scandals, with reports of toxicity and even death, the novel Take 2 Tabs, Then Die! is topical, intriguing, and revealing, exposing the magnitude of manipulation and greed and the lack of concern for the public domain in the multinational drug industry.

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