Death Dear Doctor

A Heart-Pounding Trip through the Underbelly of the Medical World

Death Dear DoctorTo the horror of the medical world, the dean of a midwestern medical school is shot and killed before an audience of shocked physicians. The assailant’s bullet is meant for an internationally renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Harry Dellinger, who shares the speaker’s platform. His reputation as a womanizer has incurred the hatred of his wife, a jilted lover, and a neurotic colleague, among other suspects. Dr. Josh Harrington, a long-time friend of Dr. Dellinger, aides the homicide bureau of the Chicago Police Department in their search for suspects, working with the head of the nursing school, Ms. Maggie Ballard, who he had not seen since his days as an intern at Cook County Hospital. Emotions pent up since their youthful association burst into an unbridled love affair while they attempt to aid the police. A ribbon of intrigue binds the fast-moving plot as men of wealth and standing are stripped of hypocritical self-righteousness and their prejudices, greed, sexual exploits, and complicity in illegal abortions – all scrupulously concealed from the public – are exposed.

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