Mystery Series

The most respected profession in the world is tarnished with murder, prejudice, greed, and sexual exploitation in this fast-paced mystery series. Dr. Josh Harrington, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Palm Desert, California, finds himself embroiled in cases that test the limits of his medical training and his loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath. He is aided by the attractive head of the nursing school, Ms. Maggie Ballard. Pent-up emotions arising from their past burst into an unbridled love affair while they attempt to help the police. Detective Timothy Mannheim, a cynical, doggedly-determined veteran of the homicide division, finds in Josh and Maggie a pair of valuable allies in his quest to solve a series of seemingly inexplicable murders. Traveling from coast to coast and meeting a host of unusual and fascinating characters (both dead and alive), Dr. Josh and Maggie find unsolicited, frightening, and terrifying adventures. The Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery Series is page-turning entertainment.