Death in the Saddle, Ch 9

Oblivious to the other students around them, Deena Bruxton and Johnny Brasilowicz swung their arms slowly as they strolled hand in hand along the tree-lined campus walkway.

Johnny’s hand completely engulfed Deena’s. “I don’t know why we can’t have an official engagement, and I don’t know why your ol’ man is against us gettin’ married.” The burly football player in his USC lettered-sweater towered over the petite Deena Bruxton at 5’2” who wore another of Johnny’s sweaters that fit her like a graceless sack.

“Jeez-uz, Deena, every time I touch you, I—in fact, I don’t even have to touch you—I just have to think about you, and I get the biggest goddamndest hard-on in the world and practically cum in my shorts. Sometimes my balls really ache.”

“Sh-sh, Johnny you mustn’t say those things—someone might hear you, and well—that’s really not nice.”

His eyes widened. “But, it’s the truth, so help me God, it is.” He put his arm around her shoulders and let his hand migrate to the side of her breast. “What’s your ol’ man afraid of? Maybe he thinks I won’t make a living for ya? I got a job waitin’ for me as soon as I graduate—if I ever graduate. I can work for my dad’s union. He said I could start out at fifty grand as an enforcer.”

“What’s an enforcer?” Deena’s inquiring eyes looked up at him.

“It’s just someone who reminds guys when their union dues are delinquent.”

“How do you do that?”

“A little friendly persuasion—that’s all. After I do that for a while I move up the ladder to makin’ business decisions. It’s a damn good future.”

“Johnny, supposing my daddy won’t give permission for us to marry? What then?”

“I thought about that. We could run away—ya know?—elope.”

“I’d never do that Johnny. I just couldn’t do that.”

“Wouldja marry me if your old man wasn’t around? I mean supposing he had an accident or something….”

“That’s a horrible thought, Johnny.” She pulled away and glared at him reproachfully.

“Yeah, but wouldja? Huh, wouldja?”

“I don’t even want to think about that. Shame on you Johnny.”

He stopped, looked down at the annoyed Deena, and said, “I’m sorry. It isn’t like I was thinking of killing him or anything like that.” Then he picked her up with one arm and with the other hand held her face against his and kissed her repeatedly. With both her feet dangling off the ground, she held his big bold face and reciprocated.

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