Appreciation for Farewell My Country

Dear Alvin and Yetta,

Thank you so much, for travelling to the Sight Center for our National Library Week 2015 program which was a great success. After you made the captivating presentation on your book Farewell my Country, Alvin, during which one could have heard a pin drop, several library patrons stepped forward to tell me how much they appreciated the opportunity to meet such a talented author. One person even posted a message on Facebook!

Kathryn Hayes Braille InstituteNews travels fast and Ivan Johnson, our materials development coordinator at the Main Library, is making sure sufficient copies of CDB 2840 Farewell my Country are available for our patrons to read in its entirety and savor the original verbiage. In response to request from Nate Streeper, our library coordinator at Santa Barbara Center, copies have been mailed for patrons to browse in the stacks at the branch library.

It was a great pleasure to meet both of you at the Los Angeles Main Library and I look forward to seeing you again when I am in Santa Barbara.


Kathryn Hayes
Information Resources Librarian
Braille Institute Library Services
741 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90029-3514

Another Great Review

Just received a review on my novel “REVENGE/REVANCHA”, thought I would share it.

Set in 1951 in Santa Barbara, California, Revenge/Revancha is about outrageous wealth, a series of murders surrounded by famous art treasures confiscated during WWII. The mistress of General Franco is the first to be murdered. Readers are treated to characters who come alive with their motivations for making and keeping secrets.

REVENGE/REVANCHA is the kind of murder-mystery that stands above typical genre approaches. It builds mood and characters with unusual backgrounds. It’s the perfect murder- mystery for those who appreciate depth and complexity over easier ‘whodunits.’

Revenge/Revancha Book Review

Once again: striking covers are not usually noted in the context of a review because, let’s face it, cover art may sell a book; but it’s usually all too lacking in an e-book production. Not so with A.J. Harris, whose simple two-word title is enhanced by a vivid cover portraying a church in the background, a beautiful woman’s sideways look at the camera, and what looks to be a priest carrying a cross in one hand while his head is buried in the palm of the other.

Add vivid colors, sharp presentation, and the ability to provide an uncluttered image supporting just two words of the title and you already have a draw. Now, for the meat of the matter: the story and its presentation. Continue reading “Revenge/Revancha Book Review”

Farewell My Country by A.J. Harris

Just Released!

Farewell My Country by A.J. Harris

Based on the true story of a patriot/hero wrongly accused of being a communist. This man born of immigrant working-class parents achieved high scholarly stature and was an associate professor at the University of Chicago before World War II. Despite his loyalty and sacrifice, he was labeled a traitor and deprived of everything including his country.

Welcome to Murder Mystery Press!

We’re excited to announce the release of Death in the Saddle (Not a Western!)


Death in the Saddle, Not a Western!When Billionaire Real Estate Developer Peter Bruxton is found murdered – shot in the head in his hotel room – it comes as no surprise to anyone who knew him. In fact, the biggest challenge facing the
detectives charged with solving Bruxton’s murder may be finding someone who is NOT a suspect.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Also not a surprise is the fact that Bruxton was shot while presumably having sex. His sexual escapades (with everyone except his wife) were the subject of open conversation at cocktail parties throughout the Coachella Valley social scene (as was his general tendency to offend anyone he met within five minutes of meeting them). Bruxton was universally disliked, but he was
particularly despised by several of the women he had bedded (as well as by
their husbands). Continue reading “Welcome to Murder Mystery Press!”