Death in the Saddle, Ch 15

The chauffeur, walking behind Bruxton and Bonnie, carried a lap top computer and a clothes bag into the hotel lobby. A bellhop hurried to relieve him.

Bruxton looked at his watch. “6:15. Jim, be ready to pick us up at 8:00. I’ll phone you when we’re ready. Park the car and grab a bite in the coffee shop.” Bruxton, escorting Bonnie through the spacious lobby, was openly possessive. With his arm around her waist, he strutted for all to see. She was his trophy—a youthful beauty, arrayed in a couturier’s black silk skirt and white ruffled silk blouse made more striking by the contrasting tone of her café-au-lait skin. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 15”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 5

While seated in the limo parked at the TV studio lot, Jim, the chauffeur, had watched the TV program on the screen mounted from the headliner in the passenger compartment. When it was over, he shut the set off and moved to the driver’s seat, anticipating Bruxton’s arrival. He knew Bruxton was going to ask him his opinion of the program and more specifically, what he thought of Bruxton’s performance. Already, he was thinking of ways to answer the questions, but keep the conversation to a minimum. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 5”