Midwest Book Review

Lucifer in Celestial Gardens tells of Lou Siffer (“Lucifer”), the son of a small-town Illinois undertaker who is used to seeing corpses in the basement of their house, part of his father’s profession and the family routine. He becomes embroiled in death in a different way when scandal strikes the town and Lou becomes peripherally involved in adult matters that include a father’s conviction that suicide was not the cause of a death, a corruption case that changes this perspective, and a series of circumstances that lead an already-distant son to feel even more alienated from his father: “My father, my stalwart beacon of integrity had fallen to—what I didn’t know exactly, but from that time forward, I regarded him differently.” Continue reading “Midwest Book Review”

Chapter 94 – No mystery about nonagenarian’s love for writing

November 15, 2017 5:52 AM

WED15A00.inddWith his pure white hair, kindly blue eyes and overall dignified demeanor, Dr. A.J. Harris is the last person one would expect to be the author of mystery thrillers like “Take Two Tabs Then Die,” “Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive,” “Death in the Saddle — Not a Western” and “Fatal Formula.” Even more surprising is his age. The retired orthopedic surgeon is 94 years old, and he’s just finished his eighth novel, “Lucifer in Celestial Gardens”; he’s writing a oneact play, and he conducts a creative writing class at Maravilla Senior Living Community along with his wife, Yetta Harris, 87.

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