Death in the Saddle, Ch 11

In a clinging black silk dress that enhanced every sensuous curve in her body, Lucy Kurtz, stood before the full length bedroom mirror, preening and thinking she resembled the late Audrey Hepburn—or was it Jackie Kennedy? She placed her hands on her hips, turned to look at her left side, then turned to look at her right side. Hell, she looked better than either one of them. They were dead and she was quite alive, thank you. She reached into her jewelry chest for a double strand of pearls and placed them around her neck but had difficulty fastening the clasp. “ Larry, can you help me here?” Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 11”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 10

At 1:45 p.m. Bruxton and Bonnie emerged from the Springs Hotel wearing clothes sent from the boutique shop; Bruxton in a Hawaiian shirt emblazoned with wild tropical flowers that hung over knee-length shorts of shocking pink. By contrast, Bonnie wore a flattering simple strapless black and white sun dress. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 10”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 8

Lucy Kurtz emerged from the pool climbing the vertical stairs and pulling on the chrome rails. She rubbed her eyes, then wrung the excess water from her hair. As she reached for a beach towel on the chaise lounge, she stopped. “Larry is that you? I’m at the pool side.” At forty-two, Lucy Kurtz retained her youthful figure—the result of total and constant self-absorption and reverence to holistic medical programming: dietary restrictions and almost endless physical-fitness. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 8”