Death in the Saddle, Ch 7

The elevator stopped at the twelfth floor and Bonnie Ouvray held on to Bruxton’s arm for support. Her legs were unsteady and the floor seemed to move in a sine-wave pattern. “Just a few more steps, and we’ll be home safe,” Bruxton assured her as he maintained a delicate balance, propping her up and reaching for the room card key. When the bedroom came into view, Bonnie lurched forward to fall face down across the bed. She turned over and lay spread eagle, her glassy eyes unable to focus. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 7”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 5

While seated in the limo parked at the TV studio lot, Jim, the chauffeur, had watched the TV program on the screen mounted from the headliner in the passenger compartment. When it was over, he shut the set off and moved to the driver’s seat, anticipating Bruxton’s arrival. He knew Bruxton was going to ask him his opinion of the program and more specifically, what he thought of Bruxton’s performance. Already, he was thinking of ways to answer the questions, but keep the conversation to a minimum. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 5”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 4

Jim Keyes, chauffeuring the Bruxton’s Bentley north on Monterey Avenue, looked in the rear view mirror to watch Peter Bruxton reviewing the pages of questions prepared for him. This was the morning Bruxton’s public relations agency had scheduled a TV appearance at the studio in Desert Hot Springs, and his boss was clearly nervous. The sedan pulled into the parking lot one hour before scheduled airtime, and Bruxton rushed out before the chauffeur could open his door. Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 4”

Death in the Saddle, Ch 3

Before Bruxton could respond, the waiter returned, made a half bow, then smiled and asked if he could take their entrée orders. They both ordered, then Bruxton shoved his empty martini glass at him. “Hit me again.” With elbows on the table, he leaned forward, his beady eyes penetrating Mary’s. “All right, what other sorry ass news do you have?” Continue reading “Death in the Saddle, Ch 3”